Lake Maggiore Zipline


02.10.2016 Lago Maggiore Zipline Trail

Lago Maggiore Zipline Trail

Sunday, October 2th it will take place the first edition of Lago Maggiore Zipline Trail, a new race of the circuit VCO Top Race organized by Avis Marathon Verbania with the help of the association Terre Alte Laghi.

The participants will run among the breathtaking landscapes of Val Grande and of Valle Intrasca, till the fortifications of the Cadorna Line.

The paths are two:

- Trail of 25 km long with 1200 meters.

- Trail short of 11 km with 450 meters.

The start and the finish line are at Nido of the Lake Maggiore Zipline. And there is more… the day will continue with good food and music!

Warning: from 8 am till 2 pm the stretch between the locality la Colma and Segletta (the entrance of the zipline parking) will be one-way.